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Video Frame Rate Conversion

Frame Rate Conversion & Standards Conversion

Although High Definition video retains the same aspect ratio all over the world, frame rates still change country to country.

If you’ve used software to convert from 25 to 29.97 or 25 to 24, or anything to anything, you’ve probably seen what can go wrong.  Going interlaced to progressive? We can help with that too! Got an old tape that’s PAL and you need to show it in this country?  We’ll take your tape and make an NTSC version in a new format! Anything to anything… that’s what we can do!

Streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, and Netflix all have their own specifications as to frame rate. This is something to keep in mind not just when you’re in post production, but before you start shooting. DKP is happy to consult with you to get your project in the proper format for streaming.

Video conversions

Video frame rate conversions should still be handled professionally by hardware over software. When doing an upres of a Standard Definition video to HD, which commonly also requires a frame rate conversion, this too should be done with professional hardware.

DKP can assist you with all your conversion needs.

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