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Indian Languages

Guess how many native Hindi speakers there are in the world? 295 million.

Bengali? 200 million.

Punjabi? 95 million.

These Indian languages are the fourth, seventh, and tenth most widely spoken languages in the world. And when it comes to subtitles, they’re difficult to get right. But hey, so are the other NINETEEN official languages in India. And those are just official ones.

If you plan on translating your film in or out of an Indian language, get ready.

It’s a challenge!

About a third of Indian films use a secondary Indian language, and sometimes a fairly incomprehensible “Indian English.” Furthermore, even when using the best, native translators, the process can be pretty horrifyingly complicated. Bummer, huh.

Indian languagesLucky for you, at DKP we’re sort of gluttons for punishment. That’s because we actually specialize in Indian languages. What were we thinking, right!? We don’t know.

But anyway, we focus on the translation of these:

  • Hindi
  • Bengali
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Marathi
  • Punjabi
  • Sanskrit *

* Sanskrit is mostly a dead language – it kicked the bucket about 2,600 years ago and is mostly used today in religious practice. Most Indians don’t really understand it and we don’t generally subtitle it. But sometimes films have Sanskrit prayers, chants, etc., and if you do want it translated, we do offer this service for an extra charge.

Like all other language translations we do, we have connections with native speakers and Indian companies who provide us with the best possible translations of all texts. We also understand the cultural differences in India and how to handle “Indian English.” We especially love to create English subtitles from Indian language movies.

Because Indian translation is no piece of cake, we often put in extra work that isn’t necessary for other translations – like, say, for Spanish to English.

But in the end the file will be of the very highest quality.

Need help with Indian languages?