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Website Translation

Boutique Translations

When it comes to selling your products or services, your website is your most important asset – that goes for filmmakers and producers as well.

Visitors to your site want to find useful content and easy navigation. But none of this matters if they can’t read it!

We’re talking about the hundreds of millions of people on Planet Earth who don’t speak English. They have access to the Internet and they’re your audience too.

Now, if you want to sell to these people – and remember that’s what websites do: sell – you need to translate your content into their languages. All languages? Not necessarily. But certainly targeting particular language demographics will benefit your business greatly.

When it comes to translation, what’s important to remember is that a straight, word-for-word, phrase-for-phrase conversion won’t cut it. You know what it’s like to read badly translated English (“It not looking goods for we!”).

Word-for-word, “bulk translation” results in these types of errors in other languages as well – errors that will be immediately noticeable to native speakers reading your website.

So instead of bulk translation, you need translation that maintains the true meaning and spirit of your original text.

At DKP, we do this by translating on a boutique basis with native speakers we trust. These are individuals whom we choose on a case-by-case basis so that they are uniquely qualified to handle a particular style or have knowledge of a technical subject being translated.

Implementation on the Technical End

In addition to providing top-quality translation, we can insert this new copy into the backend of your website regardless of how it’s built. After all, in addition to your site’s readability in other languages, you also want to make the process as easy on your web team as possible.

Our translation tech team will implement your newly-translated copy seamlessly into your website.

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