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What's our Story?

That’s a good question. Who in the world are we? What are we doing in this business? Why are we in Chicago? And why is one of our employees a dog?! We’ll attempt to answer these questions one by one:
Who in the world are we?
DKP was started by David Kogan way back when people were wearing bell bottoms and Sanford and Son was on TV. The original name was David Kogan Photography. In the ’90s, that gave way to DKP Image + Media. Now most people just say “DKP” (it worked for Kentucky Fried Chicken). Currently his son Alex Kogan is the principle and runs most aspects of the business. David is old and cranky, but still working. And there’s still a corner of the office that’s filled with photography equipment.
What are we doing in this business?
We started in the world of photography and slowly transitioned to graphic design. That eventually led to video and all the madness that comes with it. Along the way, we picked up expertise in a wide variety of video specialties. Subtitling is overall our favorite and the majority of what we do. At this point, we like to think of ourselves as guides though the world of transmedia storytelling. Your video project needs to be in many formats and we can be the Sherpas that get you there.
Why are we in Chicago?
We like it here. The winters force us to work harder. Plus, we have a long-term lease and a landlord who won’t let us leave! In truth, we’re based in Chicago, but live largely in the world of fiber Internet connections. A lot of our people are based in Los Angeles. Work gets done worldwide depending on what it is. These days, what does it matter?!
Why is one of our employees a dog?
Well… he’s valuable. He’s got a great personality. He’s there even when we’re working so hard we wish he could just walk himself to the park. And seriously, who could resist that face?!
Chicago and beyond.

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