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We Fix Flix

We Fix Flix is a sister-service we work with at DKP.

Half of us are the same people actually!

We Fix FlixWe Fix Flix specializes in innovative solutions for basically any tech issue you might encounter. In other words, if no one else can fix it, We Fix Flix can.

We Fix Flix also helps with problems that you may not understand such as:

  • Weird lines in your video (interlacing)
  • Dropped frames
  • Dead pixels
  • Repeat frames
  • Choppy playback
  • Cadence issues
  • Closed Captioning nonconformance
  • Metadata issues

We can also handle most other problems, just ask.

No technical issue is too big or complicated for We Fix Flix.

They’ve seen it all, and they want to help.

After working so hard on your story, a buggy tech issue shouldn’t hold you back from creating a finished product that you and your crew can be proud of. Even if it’s just a last-minute finishing touch issue that you require assistance with, We Fix Flix is here to help.

Need help from We Fix Flix?