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Is Your Story in the Right Frame Rate?

You’d think there were just a few frame rates, right? Eh, no.

There are a lot. And if your story is set for wide distribution throughout the world, it won’t be uncommon for your project to require a frame rate conversion. For example, in the U.S., broadcast is either 29.97i or 59.94p. But in Europe and various other locales around the world, it’s 25i or 50i.

All of this can get tricky when you start to consider whether or not your original footage is in an easy-to-convert format. These new frames have to come from somewhere! Fortunately, when you work with DKP, we’ve got you covered on all sides.

Frame Rates & Formats
  • 23.98p
  • 24p
  • 25p
  • 25i/p
  • 29.97i/p
  • 30i/p
  • 59.94i/p
  • 60i/p
  • 120p
Aspect Ratios
  • 720:480
  • 1280:720
  • 1920:1080
  • 3840:2160
  • 4096:2160

With very few exceptions, we can do almost any conversion necessary to get your story ready for broadcast or web download. We’ve even had success with the very difficult 30p to 23.98/24 transfer.

Need help with frame rates?