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For Netflix, Amazon and iTunes.

Many people assume that subtitling is simply the act of translating all dialogue and slapping it on screen. Not so, folks. There’s subtitling and there’s good subtitling. Subtitling does indeed begin with a written form of translation, but it involves so much more than that. Subtitling is very much a visual technique. At DKP, we take both of these aspects into consideration when we work on your subtitles. We create subtitles so that they are truly part of the video.

These days, one of the biggest concerns is conforming to the specs of each of the major streaming services: Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes. The specs are not identical so what works for one may not work for another. Luckily, DKP knows the difference. We know these specs inside and out and can meet them in our sleep. Well, not literally in our sleep. Our translators are definitely awake when they’re subtitling!

DKP has files on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes in the following languages just to name a few: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Amharic, Hindi, Marathi, Icelandic… you get the idea. We can also translate from those languages to English.

If you’ve got a movie that’s going to streaming, DKP is the place to be for subtitling.

Most Common Subtitle Issues

  • Mistakes in the translation and meaning of the dialogue
  • Awkward translations
  • Text chunks that are too long to easily read in sync with the video
  • Text that obviously isn’t synced with the picture’s dialogue
  • Subtitles that come up too fast and prior to the spoken words – therefore spoiling the story for the viewer
  • Bad grammar. It drives us absolutely crazy!!!
These issues can make an otherwise pleasant or informative viewing experience confusing, difficult… or just boring. At DKP, we see subtitles as an essential part of the editing process. Minuscule timing choices make all the difference between a translated line being dramatic or not so much. That goes for grammar as well. All subtitling houses have differences in style, but good grammar is a golden rule.

DKP can translate from any language into any language while always retaining the original tone and meaning. We love to find translators for rare languages. Please challenge us!

DKP conforms to all Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon Video specs.

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