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Color Correction

Color grading and color correction are not the same thing.

Generally speaking, if you require color correction (which is usually done prior to color grading), you probably had some issues when you shot your original footage.

No worries, though.

This is a common problem and something we can definitely fix.

Raw footage is frequently over-saturated, so balancing out the colors in post is required. We also fix exposure issues, problems with aggressive ISO settings that have caused excessive noise, contrast issues, and more.

Unless you’re aiming for a stylized final project with unique color schemes (for example, a super dark look for a horror film), the goal is to create a finished video product that looks realistic – the way the human eye sees things naturally. Most of this comes down to your whites and blacks. If these look okay (the way the human eye sees them in various lights), then the other colors should balance out along with them.

Need help with color correction?