DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

These days, commercial theaters aren’t showing actual 35mm film. There’s no teenage theater employee up there in the projector room lugging heavy film reels onto sprockets and transferring projectors as each supply reel runs out.

Today, nearly all commercial cinemas project films digitally. And if you want your video projected at a theater, you need it to be in the correct digital format.

In other words, you need a DCP.

What Is a DCP?

At DKP, we can provide you with a DCP “print” of your video. The DCPs we master are professionally encoded for seamless playback in theaters.


DCP box


We can transfer your final conversion to either a USB or a CRU hard drive, and we also offer different frame rates.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences requires a rate of 24fps for DCPs, but if Academy compatibility is not important to you, we can master at 25, 30, or 48 frames per second as well.


In addition to converting your film to a DCP and creating a master, we also provide professional quality control that will ensure there are zero sync issues, color issues, dropouts, or other glitches.


$5 a minute

Screening Your Film in a Theater?

You need a DCP From DKP

Serving Chicago and the Midwest

We are also the only DCP provider in Chicago, so if you’re local, we especially want to work with you.

Need a DCP in Los Angeles or California?

Please get in touch with our affiliate, TIMECODE Post Production.

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