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Yeah, we used to charge a bundle for Blu-ray authoring like everybody else. And like everything else, the price has come down as Blu-ray authoring has become commonplace.

We’re now trying to make Blu-ray about the same price as DVD authoring. Encoding to Blu-ray for full length features is going to continue to cost a bit more than encoding for DVD because of the far greater encoding time. But generally speaking we can do them at the same rate. Closed captioning and subtitling for Blu-ray have always been the same as for standard DVDs.

When it comes to replicatable Blu-ray discs, we can also accommodate your budget. By using software that are professional in their product but prosumer in their costs, DKP can do for $3,000 what a lot of companies will charge $15,000 for! What’s the difference between those two end products? Surely you can’t get the same thing for $3,000 as $15,000! No, you can’t and we’re not priceline.com or overstock.com.

What you give up to get those prices is a few high-end features that many mid-level projects don’t use and can certainly live without for the price savings.  Also, mandatory AACS copy protection fees have been down for some time to about a third of the former prices! This levels the playing field greatly for smaller project.

If you’re looking for one-offs, there are a ton of cheap programs that will encode to Blu-ray Disc and, while there is no question that the quality is better on the professional programs that we use, for a lot of people it doesn’t matter. So we’re more or less wiping out the difference between the two and doing Blu-ray at DVD rates for one-off discs.

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