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DKP is committed to guiding you through the world of changing technology to help tell your story as want it to be told— whether that’s on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, broadcast networks, a Blu-ray Disc, or any other platform.

Special Offer!

Act now and get a free DCP or MPEG4 encode with any full-length feature film subtitle/translation order!

Offer expires 12/31/17.

DCP hard drive delivery fees additional.

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DKP is proud to offer a special deal for Chicago Filmmakers members.
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Tell Your Story

You’ve shot and edited your story. Now what? Well, you probably want people to see it. That’s a good start. But unfortunately, you can’t just send your movie to Netflix.

How nice would that be?

Finish Your Story

Your story is almost complete… but not quite.

Hey, we can help with that too. Finishing touches are what professional video content is all about. DKP has the resources and know-how to help you with these primary touch-up services.

Choose your Language

Where’s your story headed?

Hopefully, it’s going as far around the globe as possible. But sending your story out into the world sans the proper translations simply won’t do

Spell It Out

Closed captioning can get confusing.

Closed Captioning is required by law – and not just in English! We can help you navigate the confusing world of closed captioning.

Technical Problems

Raise your hand if you think technical problems are the worst.

Yeah, us too. But thing is, we’re pretty good at fixing them. Actually, we’re experts.

Subtitles Translated

Movies Delivered

Problems Solved

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